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ZEN Portfolios at a Glance

  • ZEN Portfolios gives you a central location for all your professional online content. Showcase your latest projects and other works, put your best face forward for potential employers and share your skills, goals and interests with the world in a professional manner.

  • ZEN Portfolios provides professional level content management. From private learning tools, goal management and collaboration resources to public ePortfolio content management the system gives you the tools you need to manage your professional online presence.

  • Protect and share your content through Creative Commons Licencing. ZEN Portfolio allows for 7-level individual item-by-item licencing under Creative commons for all content. From full copyright to Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY) you can manage and share your content with confidence.

  • Between WordPress’ unrivaled Search Engine Optimization and the custom built Social Media Tools provided, ZEN Portfolios is built to give you the best exposure on all fronts. Custom social media links, sharing options and optional RSS integration makes your ZEN Portfolio a social media powerhouse.